Sách Giáo Khoa, Ôn tập SGK

Sách Giáo Khoa, Ôn tập SGK

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Applications include high school programs from grade 1 to grade 12 Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Literature, English TEXTBOOKS program under the Ministry of Education and Training ( Education and Training). Textbooks (SGK).
Winning applications for high school students and 12 special students studying for exams for graduation, high school (secondary school, high school) and college prep (on thi dai hoc) through methods of theoretical study textbook (SGK) through theory and exercises + answer to students can study, refresher programs before participating in graduation exams ordinary university exams:
1. School mathematics textbooks (textbook):
- Layer 1: Basic calculations
- Math 2: the problem of counting.
- Math 3: covers the basic skills, division, division, multiplication, graphs,
- Math 4: the arithmetic to million units measuring mass,
- Math 5: decimals, percentages, geometry.
- Math 6: The number of natural, integer
- Math 7: rational numbers (rational), real numbers, functions ...
- Math 8: operations exponents, square roots ...
- Math 9: Ratio, the ratio formula, percentage, measurement, geometry ...
- Math 10: algebra, point, line problems
- Math 11: The expression homework and turn ...,
- Math 12: The problem of function types, and complex shapes
2. Li Mandarin (Ly pho thong)
Ly 6: Mechanics, Thermal school.
Li 7: Optics, Acoustics, Electricity
Li 8: Mechanics, Thermal Study
Ly 9: Electrical - and the optical and related ...
Management 10: The problem of dynamics ...
Management 11: The problem of magnetic field, electric field ...
Li 12: Knives engine, body waves and sound waves ...
3. Common Chemistry (pho thong States)
Chemistry 8: nature - atoms - molecules
Chemistry 9: the inorganic compound ..
Chemistry 10: atoms, the periodic law table and ...
Chemistry 11: the carbon-silicon, general organic chemistry
Chemistry 12: polymers and polymeric materials, inorganic chemistry General
4. Common Birth (Birth pho thong)
Grade 6: A rough outline of the flora, biological Opening
Grade 7: animal and human life, protozoa sector
Grade 8: The human activity
Grade 9: The experiment of Menden, chromosome, DNA ...
Grade 10: infectious diseases and immunology, pathogenic viruses, the biological world
Grade 11: Metabolism of material and energy ...
Grade 12: Ecology, Genetics, Evolution
5. Use common (the popularity)
Use 6th grade Au Lac nation, ancient culture, primitive society, method of calculating time in history, history Glance
Use 7: Feudalism Nguy ...
Use 8: Second World War ...
Use 9: Vietnam on the road to reform, build the country ...
Use 10: The war of independence of the British colonies in North America ...
Using 11: History gain access, Vietnamese history ...
Using 12: Country of Vietnam history phased detailed history.
6. Literature (Van)
- Van class 2: People, Uncle Ho, trees, rivers, and animals.
- Van Grade 3: sky, earth, sports, festivals, art and creativity.
- Van class 4: Love life, colorful beauty, discover the world.
- Van Grade 5: Write a letter, scenes, tree description, description of people, applications, essay writing.
- Van class 6: The pen, poems, stories and fairy tales, literature and written description, narrative.
- Van class 7: Literature patriotic, foreign literature ...
- Van class 8: The literary works through each historical period of building and defending the country.
- Van Grade 9: The Tale of Kieu - Nguyen Du ...
- Van Year 10: Van discourse, text analysis ...
- Van Year 11: Discourse, literary treatise.
- Van Grade 12: Social Discourse, foreign literature.
7. English (language, he valve)
- England 3: unit 1 to unit 20.
- England 6: unit 1 to unit 16.
- He 7: unit 1 to unit 16.
- He 8: unit 1 to unit 16.
- He 9: unit 1 to unit 9.
- He 10: unit 1 to unit 13.
- He 11: unit 1 to unit 16.
- He 12: unit 1 to unit 16.
We always try to update and add data and continuously improve the quality of the application: "Textbook", textbook (textbook).
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