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Device for measuring blood pressure easy to use with your Smart Phone (smart phone)
Three modes:
1) Using the App on your phone, here used to full all the possibilities of the powerful tool of the application, such as history, from one to 99 users, ability to share information with family or your doctor, and many other functions .
2) Voice mode (without use of the telephone), the tensiometro tells you through voice system pressure and pulse .Solo place the bracelet on her arm press the power button 1 time and immediately press and hold again. The tensiometro began to run, let yourself be guided by the voice and follow the prompts. No need to use the phone.
3) mode easier use by light tells you if your blood pressure is high, low or normal. . Place the cuff on his arm as it is done with a band of conventional sphygmomanometer, press the button and automatically start Application air to fill the bracelet and show the pressure values ​​on the screen of your phone will run. You can record successive shots subsequently pressure to show them to your doctor.
The application allows you to take the pressure several members of his family and store historical values. Super easy to use, very practical and precise. It is perfect for professional use or seniors for their ease of use and data given here
It allows a very fast and reliable measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse (oscillometric method).
It is operated and performs voice announcements.
With Bluetooth connection (V4.0 & 3.0) with Smartphone.
Operating through iOS or Android APP, Unlimited users.
Driving the device with button 1 Saving the last 99 measurements (value, date, time).
últimas15 function of average measurements • LED charging and Bluetooth.
Outcome indicator of blood pressure • Protection class IP21 (against particles / average solid materials 12.5mm & drops of water falling vertically).
Cuff and main unit are integrated as one piece.
For use at home or in medical facilities.
It offers clinically proven accuracy and comfortable design for the patient. Technical specications: oscillometric measurement method / capacitive pressure sensor.
Cuff size 22-36cm / range 0-299 mmHg pressure exposure.
Measuring range: 0-280 mmHg Blood Pressure (0-37,3kPa), Pulse 40-199 beats / minute, DIA 40-130mmHg; SIS 60-230mmHg.
Measurement resolution 1 mmHg.
Blood Pressure ± 3 mmHg (0,4kPa) / Pulse ± 5% of reading.
built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery 3.7V 800mAh.
Charging time 3 ~ 4 hours.
Operating time ~ 150x measurements.
Timeout 7 ~ 21 days (depending on frequency of use).
Auto-off after 2 minutes without operation.
Material: ABS, bladder and tubes are latex.
Weight / Dimensions: 252g / (L) x 12.1 (W) x 6.7 (H) 3.0 cm.
It Includes USB cable for charging device



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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android 4.2 or later


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