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every time you plug in your power cable, every time your charging has completed and every time your device is running low in battery. 
Our neat and highly useful low or
Battery Full Charge Alarm App
will speak below voice messages in different languages.
Besides being a handy battery is low or
Full Battery Alarm
, we designed our tool to help you with perfect temperature maintenance. Receive battery temperature warnings and
Battery Temperature Notifications
and protect your battery and smartphone when needed.
Sample of a
Temperature Warning With Notification
"Temperature alert warning : 37.7 °C / 100.0 ℉"
"Remove the charger when the battery is fully charged. Energy saved by you can fill Light in someones life".
This will help you to
Save Energy And Protect Your Phone Battery
★ top of the screen displays the remaining battery
0-20%: red
21-69%: yellow
70 to 100%: Green
Battery Saver
/ Level Info Audio Alerts is the solution to such a situation when we put our mobile phones on charging and forget to remove charger even after battery is full, which effect the battery life very badly. Some times we are so busy that we even forget to recharge our device and suddenly we see that our device's battery is very low. So Battery Percentage /
Theft Alarm
is a complete solution for such problem
Features : -
Display current battery charging status.
Useful Tips to improve your phone battery performance. 
additional battery details such as health, temperature, voltage, current, etc.
if the phone is silent, then only the message is displayed warning
Speaking alert(Once battery get full charged).
Plug/Unplug sound and vibration
See if your phone is overheating 
Battery Alert level can be selected by user.
App and Voice Alert support in different languages
you know the voice and the alarm
Battery Protector
has three different type of notification settings. You can select your favorite ringtone or can choose
Vibration Or Light Blink Alert
if you are in a meeting. Install the app in your mobile phone and launch the application. No need to re-arm the app again. It will
Automatically Sound An Alert
once the battery will be fully charged.
Full Battery Alarm
prevents your mobile phone battery from being overcharged. In today's busy schedule it is very hard to
Check The Battery Status
again and again. Full battery alarm is an unique app which notifies the mobile phone user when their mobile phone's battery is fully charged. 
Battery Low Alarm
& Battery Monitor is the simplest and easiest way to keep your Android phone Battery Health Better and Protect from Overcharging.
Set the
Battery Charging Animation
; replace the battery charging animation with attractive animation available in the app free.
If you have installed a ,
New Version Of Battery Voice Alert App
, you must run it once to get it to work properly. If Wi-Fi is connected and the app is automatically updated, the app may not work properly. Please run the app once.
 Lots of extra hidden background processes are running and using the battery resources in your mobile phone that are the main cause of
Battery Discharge Quickly
. If you have installed this app your problem will be solved because this Talking Battery Full Battery Battery Saver will help you and send you text or voice alerts about battery status and battery life. This
Talking Battery Saver
is a very simple and effective app for Android. Download battery saver free battery life and save energy.
Thanking to you For Using This app, give us your feedback,rating and Consider for Future updates.
Thank you...



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