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Parlevel’s Business Feed sends everything you need to know about your vending, micro market, or OCS operation directly to your mobile phone. Receive push notifications for route progress, service ticket status, customer feedback, and more!
Take advantage of the following notifications:
1. When a machine is serviced
2. When a machine note is added
3. When a route has started
4. When routes are finished
5. When routes are consolidated
6. When a tech ticket is opened
7. When a tech ticket has closed
8. When OCS invoices are delivered*
9. Customer feedback received*
10. When there is a bill jam alert
11. When there is a coin jam alert
12. When there is a cable issue
13. When there is an unscheduled open door
14. When a machine has no recent communication
15. When a Micro Market user is created
16. Temperature alerts*
17. When a machine picture is added*
18. When a telemeter is connected
19. When a new machine is implemented
20. When there is a price mismatch
21. When a route note is added
22. When prekitting has completed
23. When all machines at a location has finished
24. When there is a product change on our Stock App
25. When a machine sends a low inventory alert
26. When a machine sends a zero inventory alert (sold out)
27. When there is a machine handshake error alert.
28. When a Kiosk comes back online.
* Some notifications may require additional services enabled.
Don’t want to be bothered by certain notifications? No problem! Customize your notification preferences to only receive information important to you.

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ما هو جديد Feed by Parlevel

- As part of a re-branding effort for apps and tools under the Parlevel Brand, this app has been renamed to "Feed." A new logo has also been released that better reflects this new branding.
- Issue with Push Notifications has been fixed.



الإصدار: 2.0.6

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android 4.4 or later



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