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This simple and intuitive fantasy name generator will find the perfect fantasy name for you.
This fantasy name generator can generate way over 3 000 000 unique and fresh sounding fantasy names. All the names are generated by an algorithm for true uniqueness. So why don't you start your journey to find your perfect fantasy names.
Use that generated fantasy name for your pen and paper RPGs, for writing stories, for online games, online accounts that you quickly need a nickname for, or just for fun.
The fantasy name generator has basic knowledge of language and features several algorithms and rules to generate fantasy names that sound mystic and out of this world.
Choose from multiple categories:
* Fantasy
* Star
* Planet
* Plant
* Animal
* Orc
* Dwarf
* Elf
* Troll
* Dragon
* Human
Every category will generate unique names. More categories coming very soon (let me know your requests).
If you have found your perfect name, the fantasy name generator allows you to instantly save the name to your favorites list, where you can manage your favorites by adding tags and comments, for easy filtering. Edit your names, if the generated name does not perfectly fit your purpose or copy them to your clipboard to share them with friends.
If you have any feedback, feature requests, found any bugs, or have suggestions for improvements, just let me know.
If you want to generate real names, check out my Name Generator App on the play store:



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