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How about a Widget with cute designs?
Kawaii battery is a widget app to indicate battery level, must-have for Smartphone girls.
Cute icon displays the remaining of smartphone battery level.
Other than home screen, little icon appears on notification bar to show battery level.
Icon changes according to battery level!?
We offer many cute widget designs.
Change widgets according to your feeling of the day!
It comes with easy-to-use powe saving function.
・Battery level (%) indicated on the widget
・Batter level (%) indicated on the notification bar (can switch ON/OFF)
・ON/OFF switch for power saving
- Wi-Fi
- Bluetooth
- Accounts auto-sync
- Display(adjusting brightness only)
・Check battery usage
Please contact us here for your request of widget design, comments and feedback.
[Common inquiries]
Q. How is the setting method of the widget?
A. The setting method varies according to an OS. Please refer to the following.
In the case of the AndroidOS 4.x based terminal
1. Choose "Widget" from the list of application (It's in the upper screen)
2. Choose "Kawaii battery" among the list
In the case of the terminal except AndroidOS 4.x system
1. Push and hold the home screen (please push the range except the icon)
2. Choose "Widget" from the displayed screen or the dialogue
3. Choose "Kawaii battery" among the list
Q. There is no "Kawaii battery" in widget list.
A. Please restart your terminal because there is a thing to improve.



الإصدار: 1.4.1

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android 2.3.3 or later


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