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▶Erangel - Runic Power Mode◀
Three types of runes, including Wind/Flame/Artic
Attack and defense skills according to the rune abilities can be used in combat
▶Metro Royale - Season 2◀
A new system 'Metro Royale: Honor' is introduced
Metro royale solo mode is added
▶New AR weapon FAMAS◀
A new AR weapon with 25 shots of 5.56mm bullet is added
Best AR weapon in a close range battle with fast continuous firing
Only found on LIVIK Map in Classic Mode
▶Royale Pass Season 17 - Runic Power◀
Get various skins with mystic tarot card theme
▶️Subscription Feature◀️
1. Plan & period
The Prime plan costs ₩3,900/m per month while Prime Plus costs ₩9,900/m.
* Your 1st subscription to one of the plans by Nov 8, 2020 will give you a discount to the 1st month of subscription. Each plan will cost ₩3,500 and ₩4,900, respectively.
2. Details
Subscriptions are available in Prime and Prime Plus.
1) Once you subscribe to Prime, upgrading to Plus is not an option but you can subscribe to both and enjoy the benefits of both.
2) Subscriptions are renewed automatically each month. If you cancel subscription, you can’t enjoy the benefits after the next billing date.
3) A Prime awards 150UC to you and gives one Scrap Package daily and Special Crate Voucher (30UC) and Premium Crate Voucher (30UC) weekly.
4) A Prime Plus awards 300UC, three of each Crate Coupons. You’ll also get 10UC, one Chicken Medal and 10RP daily plus one Special Crate Voucher (60UC), Premium Crate Voucher (60UC), Special Crate Voucher (100UC) and Premium Crate Voucher (100UC).
5) You can’t receive daily & weekly rewards if you do not access the game.(For UC rewards, you can get the uncollected UC for up to 5 days. UC rewards expire if not collected before the subscription ends)
3. Automatic subscription renewal
• Subscription is automatically renewed and paid through your Google Play Store account. You can cancel it on Account Settings page of Google Play Store.
• The same payment method you used to buy the subscription will be used when the subscription renews.
• Within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, please check your subscription status.
4. To cancel subscription
Google Play Store -> Tap “Menu” and tap “Subscriptions” -> Select the subscription and tap “Cancel subscription.”
▶ Notice on Access Permissions◀
[Required permissions]
[Optional permissions]
- Image/media/file: Users who deny permissions can’t use features like sharing, uploading and saving in-game screenshots.
- Audio record/play: Users who deny permissions can’t use the audio record and play feature.
* Users with optional permission have access to PUBG MOBILE without having to give consent.
* Permissions can be modified or revoked, even after consent is given.
[To revoke permissions]
- Android 6.0 or higher
1. To revoke permissions individually: Settings > App > Overflow (Setting and Control) > App Settings > App Permissions > Select Permission > Select Grant Permission or Revoke Permission
2. To revoke permissions on each app: Settings > App > Select App > Select Permission > Select Grant Permission or Revoke Permission
- Android 6.0 or lower
The OS doesn’t allow individual revocation. Permissions can only be revoked by deleting the app.
Therefore, we recommend you update Android to the latest version.
▶To buy in-app items, additional fee is charged.
▶In this app, players can only use content provided in Korea.
▶Official support URL◀
▶Privacy policy◀
▶Terms of service◀
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[Erangel - Runic Power Mode]
[Metro Royale - Season 2]


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