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If you love fluffy little kittens, you’ll love hearing their adorable sounds!
Kittens are some of the cutest baby animals, and their sounds are no less adorable than their furry little faces! From the tiniest high-pitched meow to a loving, gentle purr, these sweet kitten sounds will be sure to touch your heart! With this app you can experience the full range of kitten sounds, from soft meows and happy purrs to distressed cries and angry growls.
Babies and kids will delight at learning new, fun kitten sounds, and everyone can use the sounds to become more familiar with kitten vocalizations! See if you can distinguish between different types of kitten meows! Can you tell whether kitty is hungry or just asking for attention? Is kitty feeling playful or ready to scratch or bite? Listening carefully to kitten sounds could even help you improve communication with your own cat or kitten! We won’t tell anyone if you want to try out a few of these sounds when talking with your feline friends at home…
Listen to cute kitten meows and share them with your friends! You can even use these sounds as adorable ringtones!

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