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How long have you been in Love with your partner? Check how long you have been with your lover at a glance! Set and remember important and lovely anniversary for you and your love partner!
How many days count you been together with your boyfriend? How many days count you been together with your girlfriend?
Lovedays Couple D-Day Love is the best been together Love counter for You!
❤ With Lovedays Couple App your lover will be always with you! ❤
See how long you have been together with your lover with different wonderful widgets and celebrate your anniversary with your memories, your best moments, your favourite memories, your Valentine’s day and every relationship days.
Live and see every day how wonderful is your time of love together, day by day, your and your lover’s photos and names with using widgets and notification and with a cute and amazing and customizable counter. Notify yourself every day, every month, every 100 days and every year of your relationship if you want. If you want, customize theme and background for free! Show your love status to everybody.
✓ Calculate and set the number of passed days from your lovely anniversaries
✓ Show all items on widget, notification area and lock screen
✓ Customize as your own by using photos and changing names
✓ Customizable background
✓ Notify you by each day, every month, every 100 days and every year
✓ Multiple anniversaries
✓ Share your Anniversaries
✓ Customize and change the background with your favourite wallpaper
✓ Show in mode days or years/months/days count
✓ Visualize progress bar
✓ Customize the Launch Icon
✓ Change Names Text colors
✓ Change App text colors
✓ Size text Font
✓ Select your favourite fonts
✓ Choose if Start counting from 0
✓ Many layout and theme option views
✓ Progress bar customizable with many themes
✓ Enable and Set the Notifications (daily, monthly, yearly and every 100 days)
✓ Widget: decorate wallpaper with beautiful widgets (4x4, 2x1)
✓ Use the online Guide to understand how to use the Lovedays!
✓ Backup your anniversary and all settings to SD card
✓ Restore your anniversary and all settings from SD card
If you have any kind of problem or suggestions about using this cute app, please use the Help Screen of the App or email us to We will reply to you as soon as possible.
★ Please, if is possible, Rate the LOVEDAYS COUPLES D-DAY LOVE and give us your feedback! ★



الإصدار: 2.1

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android 4 or later


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