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Windows application is also available at
NRICTools is the most beautifully designed NRIC app in the Play Store
With NRICTools, you can generate and verify Singapore NRIC/FIN with ANY syntax. Bar code scanning feature allows you to verify Identification Cards quickly and efficiently. You can also press the volume UP key to activate your device's torchlight to aid in the scanning. History will record all your scanned cards. Save your NRIC and access it using your fingerprint*
Please use this app responsibly and you are responsible for your own doings.
Wonder if someone wrote their Identification Card number wrongly? Forgot to bring your SAF Camp pass or 11B to the cookhouse? Need valid NRICs for testing or data entry purposes?
This app is for you!
Features include
● Generate with any prefix or syntax (unique to NRICTools)
● Verify all prefix of NRIC/FIN (S, F, T, G)
● Bulk generate and export
● Tap and hold on bar code button to create SAF 11B bar code (useful in SAF cookhouse, etc)
● Continuous generate (just tap and hold on the Generate button)
● Bar code scanning
● History (for all your scanned codes)
● Export your History
● Clipboard support
● Card view
● Save your NRIC in the app (encrypted with AES 256 bits), and access with your fingerprint
● Beautiful ripple tap animation feedback (Android 5.0+ feature)
● App Shortcuts (Android 7.1+ feature)
● Android 6.0 Marshmallow permission model
● No ads
● Privacy oriented (No internet access other than those provided by Google Play)
● Support for SafeEntry QR
NRICTools will take you to your browser to access SafeEntry
NRICTools does not have internet access (no internet permission manifest)
NRICTools records all your scans (including SafeEntry QR) locally on-device
Fingerprint feature is only available on devices with fingerprint sensor and using Android fingerprint API. If your device don't meet the requirements, the option will not be available. Generated NRICs does not necessarily belong to anyone, but complies with the formula.
Barcode generated by NRICTools is exactly the same as per your NRIC card. It works at ActiveSG enabled swimming pools too!
Donate feature
● Beautiful themes with fade transition
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