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Application software that allows wireless projection of the captured screenshot and document files such as PDF, JPEG, and PNG, from Android device.
(Documents created with PowerPoint/Excel/Word are not supported on Wireless Projector Ver. 2.6.0 or later.)
(Android OS 4.4 are not supported on Wireless Projector Ver. 2.7.0 or later.)
- Easy wireless projection of PDF, JPEG, and PNG files.
- Able to rotate images, flick pages, and zoom in/out.
- One Shot Projection wirelessly sends captured screenshot of the Android device with a special command.
- Multi-live mode allows wireless projection from multiple devices.
- Able to wirelessly project captured images of Android device with Camera function.
- Marker function allows you to draw freehand lines(marker) onto image or document while projecting.
- Supports S-DIRECT and SIMPLE network connection for easy connection with projector.
See the following website for supported projectors and displays.
Devices that support Android OS 5/6/7/8/9/10
Projectable Contents
PDF, JPEG, PNG files
Support pages
Panasonic Wireless Projector for Android

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Support Android OS 10.
Supported models added.
Bug fixes.



الإصدار: 2.8.0

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android 5.0 or later




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