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Automatically switch to a better WiFi network when current signal is weak
Ensure you stay connected to the most powerful Wi-Fi network available. The best WiFi roaming app available.
By default, Android devices will not switch to a different Wi-Fi network as long as the current network connection is available, although the signal level is very weak and makes the network unusable.
The app constantly monitors Wi-Fi network levels and intelligently switches to a better network whenever the current signal becomes too weak.
Wi-Fi Switcher comes packed with the most comprehensive set of options, not available with any other free app:
* define a list of preferred networks and choose whether to switch only between networks in the list or not
* automatically attempt to connect to open networks, if available
* prefer 5GHz networks over 2.4GHz networks, when available
* for advanced users, fine tuning of the signal thresholds and scanning frequency provides total control on the switching behavior and power usage
* automate app via external control apps such as Tasker. In Tasker, use the Launch App command, look up the Wi-Fi Switcher application, long tap to see the available activities. You will see one activity to enable Wi-Fi Switcher and one to disable it
The Wi-Fi Switcher Team
The app has been tested in real environments for a long time, to ensure the most predictable and sensible switching behavior for everyone. If you experience unexpected or suboptimal behavior, just let us know and we'll tune it to match your needs.



الإصدار: 3.9

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android 4 or later


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