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Black Pink Piano Game

2.0 for Android
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Do you really like Black Pink? Do you like Black Pink, Exo, Twice? do you like tiles with a delicate touch?
You must have this Black Pink Piano game. Very much choice of songs available on this Kpop Black Pink Piano game as an entertainment to train your
fingers. This game is very easy and can be played by anyone. You simply press the black tile and follow all the songs available
★ How To Play ★
- First select the song you want to play
- Press Play Button when you want to start the game
- You can not touch colored tiles other than black or you will lose
★ Features ★
- Collection of over 100 songs
- Challenge on speed when the track is running
- Reach 3 Stars to get higher values ​​from your friends
★ Black Pink Songs ★
- Square
- du Ddu-du
- Forever Young
- Really
- See U Later
- As If It’s Your Last
- TWICE - Likey
- Monster
- Universe
- Ko Ko Bop
- First Snow
- Beautiful
- Generation Gee
- Generation Trick
Apart from Black Pink, there are also Exo, Twice, Redvelvet and many more songs from other artists available here.
★ Disclaimer ★
- All songs used do not use the original song of the artist (Cover Songs)
- All content used does not violate the policies of the Developer Policy.


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    Android 4.1 or later
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  • Black Pink Piano Game
    Black Pink 1.0
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