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Indian Rail Guide

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Indian Rail Guide is a complete travel companion app for the frequent travellers of Indian Railways. With Indian Railway Guide, you can access train timetable, train live running information (train enquiry), train arrivals/departures at a station and much more from your mobile. Indian Railway Guide app has the following train enquiry features,
1. Find train schedule using train number or train name
2. Find trains between two railway stations
3. Get train schedule (with offline access) and current running status of any train
4. Get a list of trains arriving/departing from a station in the next 2, 4 or 8 hours!
5. Get the current running status of any train including its location on the Google map
6. Get a list of rescheduled and diverted trains
7. Get train seat layout/birth map
8. Book train tickets using mobile web
9. You can receive automatic updates as a train passes through various stations (Track your train)
10. Use homepage widgets for tracking trains or train tickets. You can even configure tracking widgets on lock screen!
11. Share your train ticket details over sms, email etc.
Following are some of the unique features of Indian Rail Guide,
★ Intelligent and power efficient automatic live tracking of trains. It is possible to automatically track location of a running train up to every 5 minutes!
★ We do not ask for any kind of special device permissions.
★ Intelligent offline support for most features so that you can use the app even when there is no network connection. We are in the process of improving this feature.
★ Uses multiple online rail databases.
★ Supports all trains operated by Indian Railways including passenger trains, MEMU, EMU, DMU, suburban trains, holiday special trains, MMTS, suvidha, mail express trains and luxury trains.
Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated to indian railways or irctc. This is only a tool to access publicly available information.

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Fixed all errors and removed non working features. Updated for latest android versions. Performance improvements.

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