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With Palco MP3 you get to know independent music truly! 💪
Listen to music outside the box, whatever your style. Only on the MOST DOWNLOADED Brazilian music app of the country you find more than 60 musical genres and you can even select your favorites to customize the app according to your preferences.
If you're an artist, Palco MP3 takes your music further. We are specialists in presenting artists who will be successful tomorrow throughout Brazil, in any musical style. Go to, make your registration, send your copyrighted songs and get truly promoted for free.
Collection | listen and download music for free on your smartphone
Palco MP3 app brings together more than 1.4 million songs and more than 126,000 artists for you to listen to whenever you want, right from your smartphone without paying anything for it. Discover artists today! How about downloading and listening to MP3 offline straight from your phone?
Convenience | log in to any device without losing saved data
Through the login you don’t need to redo your musical preferences whenever you access Palco MP3 app on a new device. Favorite albums, artists, songs and playlists to listen whenever you want!
Playlists | specialized musical curatorship and customization
Find out more songs, albums and new artists with playlists created by our specialized musical curatorship team. In addition to being able to listen to music in our selections, you can also craft your own unique playlists and control your daily soundtrack. That’s it, find and organize songs for every moment, whether you are a fan of rock, indie, gospel, pop, samba, country music, mpb, arrocha, pagode, axé, reggae, funk, forró or any other style.
Top | rankings of most listened artists, songs and albums
Stay on top of the most listened names of Brazilian independent music! On Palco MP3 you can check who is at the top of the general classification or filter by your favorite musical style.
Stories | exclusive artist content in your app
With the stories from Palco MP3 app you get the latest news from artists you enjoy at first hand. Don't miss the backstage or the song that just arrived in the app. Did you enjoy the music? Swipe up and listen on the spot!
We are always updating our app to offer the best musical experience!
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تحديث Palco MP3 3.12.16

We’ve updated our app! 💪
We’ve made some improvements for you to enjoy even more the brazilian independent music. Take a look at the new features:
Video tab: the most recent music videos of the brazilian independent music on your app.
Blog content: interviews, tips, reviews, analysis and more for you to get inside the brazilian music world without leaving Palco MP3 app.
Update now and give us your feedback!


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