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Have you ever wondered what's going on within the UK Parliament?
The aim of this app is simply to make the politics more transparent by letting people know what our politicians are up to as well as let you search past legislation. The option of creating petitions for specific Bills or Act and voting on petitions created by others, allow you to get your voice heard.
Did you ever get the feeling that any of the following questions applied to you?
- How many times a law is approved without people knowing about it?
- How many times newspapers don't give enough space or information about a specific Bill or Act because of some other news using all the coverage?
- How many times do you quickly want to search for a specific legislation while you're on the go?
- How many times do you want to have a say on a specific Bill or Act and share your opinion with other citizen?
All of the above will become possible with this new app.
Search for existing Bills and Acts: get a quick summary of what they discuss and get the option to read the full text.
In addition it is possible to share petitions with every other user for each specific Bill or Act. You will be able to vote on other people petitions to make a petition more or less relevant.
The app DOES NOT collect any personal data and is FREE to use and contains NO ADS.
Make politics more transparent and start keeping an eye on what your government is doing!

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Remove contact permissions, no permissions are needed by this app anymore!
Fixed notification for android oreo.

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