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What makes me unbelievable is that 20,000+ users downloaded Научи Малыша! Полезные Навыки Развивалки Для Детей latest version on 9Apps for free every week! It has been a popular app for a long time. This hot app was released on 2017-07-23. It get a lot of recognition after release.
4 fun casual game for the development of useful skills a child in the annex "teach kids! Useful Skills Razvivalki for children. " A variety of topics for children: feeding, washing, washing and cutting the heads of marigold ... "teach kids! Useful Skills Razvivalki For Kids "- a role-playing game, with which all the boring and terrible hygienic procedures will be for your baby fun and enjoyable, and follow the regime of the day will be easy!
• Brush your teeth - develops a mini-game in which a little mouse brush our teeth (formation of hygienic habits, brush our teeth)
• MY HEAD - wash zaychonku head under the shower (hygiene, child care, baby bathing)
• Who eats what - distribute food young animals, feed the kids (who eat, care of the baby)
• to wash - educational game in which you need to wash squirrel (bathing the baby, caring for the baby)
• LEARNING TO WALK - a bonus! - runner for kids
In these games the child plays the role of an adult, and he soon begins to behave like an adult. Of course, these games he can play by yourself, but we urge adults to play with the baby, and after - to comment on the game, repeating rhymes, chants in everyday life - so the baby will get used to do daily tasks easy! But, even though the baby and can play on their own, we urge adults to play together with him - so the baby gets used to clean even faster! Play together, comment on the game, and the child will understand at once that be clean - it was good and enjoyable.
 "Teach a Kid! Useful Skills Razvivalki For Kids "- is:
• Developing useful mini-games
• educational topics for kids
• playing, the child learns to hygienic procedures and no longer afraid of them
• games laid the correct course of action
• zveryata interactive and express their emotions
• mini-games there are nursery rhymes that are easy to remember and can be repeated during hygiene, feeding, and so on. D.
• funny voice, nursery rhymes voiced by professional actors
• user-friendly and intuitive interface
• For children 1 to 4 years
• No third-party advertising
If you will be few games, you can purchase the full version, where you will find another 6 educational games:
• say goodbye to the pacifier - educational game in which you need to soothe a crying baby, giving them a pacifier (educational game for kids from 1 year, which will help to say goodbye to the pacifier)
• go to the potty - educational game in which you need to help the bunny to make important business on the pot (potty training, games for the little ones)
• Dress - Dress for children. You need to pick up clothes squirrel-girl-boy and squirrel (games for boys and girls, taking care of the baby, dress)
• Bathe - role educational game in which you need to bathe a cat (teach to cleanliness, bathing the child)
• diners - feed the cat and see how it has grown! (Taking care of the baby, my baby)
• to cut marigolds - do manicures mouse (taking care of the child, to teach to cleanliness)
We are confident that the application is "teach kids! Useful Skills Razvivalki For Kids "will be a great help for parents!
Dear users!
We are grateful to you for what you use our application. Special thanks I would like to say for your feedback, we are very pleased to read that our application you like.
But if you value our app negatively, we ask you to write at least a few words to the address support@mage-app.com explaining why. After all, just a bad score without comment does not tell us that you do not like and does not help to improve the app.
Email us: support@mage-app.com
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We are open to dialogue and any proposals.
Sincerely, MAGE team.


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