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About Us:
Role Model Institute started from January 2010 and it is a non-profit organization.
The vision of Role Model Institute is to create a positive impact of the Islamic knowledge, skills and belief systems on the people, enabling them to attain success in this World and struggle to save themselves from Hell-Fire (Jahannam).
We provide Quran Hifz education with tarjuma/tafseer for boys and girls. And we also conduct workshops and courses on different topics for ladies and gents so they develop their mental, emotional and spiritual sense.
The mission of ROLE MODEL INSTITUTE is to develop Muslim Role Models. These Role Models are the people who have right attitudes, right skills and are guided by right goals. They are well-balanced and fulfilled personalities that others look up to and admire. They are the ones that are Positive! And Think Positive and Desire the Akhirah and “Ridha” (pleasure) of Allah.
Our Programs & Workshops:
Discover Peace & Happiness
Islam for Life
Daee Islam Course
Al Hayat Ma'a Quran
Shaadi Matters
Al Hijamaa
Dora e Quran


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