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Intuito trivia

1.0.17 for Android
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Intuito is the only trivia game specially designed to sharpen your intuition.
We all have in-built intuition. Successful people at work, home and play simply know how to tap into theirs... Because in real life, we don’t always have all the facts and success depends on intuitive decisions. It’s a natural skill for some lucky people, but a honed skill for the rest of us.
Play Intuito, learn interesting, quirky and unexpected trivia from a wide range of categories, and watch your intuition score improve.
Intuito was developed based on proprietary algorithms that measure where your knowledge ends, and your intuition kicks-in. It tracks and trains your brain to make intuitive decisions, while you watch your daily improvement.
Play on your own, or challenge friends – it’s so much fun, you won’t feel yourself getting smarter.
Knowledge is finite. Intuition is infinite. Exceed your potential.

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- Bug Fixing


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