Love-Marriage-Luck Calculator

Love-Marriage-Luck Calculator

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Hot applications make large number of downloads. 20,000+ users downloaded Love-Marriage-Luck Calculator latest version on 9Apps for free every week! A lot of functions and features are contained in this app. This hot app was released on 2020-04-19. However, has been a fashionable app for a long time.
Love-Marriage-Luck Calculator App has 3 functions. Based on Numerology Horoscope, Love and Marriage Calculator for checking love compatibility and Marriage compatibility with matrimonial partner - current or prospective based on date of birth and name. In addition to compatibility, based on Numerology Horoscope, the calculator provides the basic characteristics of the couple which may be used to understand each other and as an input to relationship management or matrimonial evaluation. If you are not in a relationship and are currently exploring, it may be used for love matching or marriage matching purposes as a basic starting point. Love compatibility and marriage compatibility can be very different. At times the love compatibility can be high but marriage compatibility can be low, and for some couples the marriage compatibility can be high but love compatibility can be low. But it is important to note that irrespective of the extent of the compatibility for the couple, it can always be improved to some extent by studying the basic characteristics of each other based on Numerology Horoscope. While making marriage match or love match, correct date of birth and full current name should be used for match making.
The Luck Calculator finds out your lucky days for the next 7 days based on Numerology Horoscope. The luck is represented by *s for each day – more *s represent better luck (maximum of 7 *s). You may plan your important work / tasks according to lucky dates. Lucky dates can be considered to be auspicious dates for carrying out important work to increase chances of success. While selecting the marriage dates, one should try to select a date with 4 or more stars in order to increase the chances of success and luck to be in your favor.
All the features of this App are perfect for fun and entertainment only, and are based on Chaldean Numerology.
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