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Hayat Eve Sığar Mobile Application, It is a mobile application developed by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health to inform and guide our citizens living within the borders of the Turkey region about the New Coronavirus (Covid-19) and to minimize the risks related to the epidemic disease and prevent its spread.
Hayat Eve Sığar application offered to the citizens by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health, you can verify with your phone number, answer the questions asked step by step, and get guidance according to how you should act by being evaluated according to the complaints you have given in terms of coronavirus disease. According to the answers you have given, the guidance is only a suggestion and does not contain a final result/certainty, it is a recommendation.
At the same time, you can easily reach the basic need points such as hospitals, pharmacies, grocery chains, subways and stops on the map, and see the density of home isolation, infected people and risky areas.
You can view the details of your vaccination information on the My Vaccination Information page, and create a vaccination card when your vaccine doses are completed. If you want the passport information to be included in the vaccination card, you can include it by typing the passport number. When the QR code in the vaccine ID is read, the system checks the accuracy of the card.
This App aims to reduce the spread of covid-19 disease by tracking contacts or infected persons. It is an application that verifies current infection status or infection history to determine whether people are fit to travel or enter public spaces.
With this application, the transition to "Controlled Social Life" will be possible.
We wish you healthy days.

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