Coronavirus in India Live - A Coronavirus App Download

9Apps | Mar 6, 2020

Coronavirus in india

As of noon today, 31 people in India have been diagnosed with Covid-19.This number will also increase. If it evolves according to the situation in China, maybe this is just the beginning.

As of today, more than 90,000 people worldwide have been infected with Coronavirus. This virus infects people so quickly, we have to be vigilant!

You can't find any apps about Coronavirus!

In order to prevent the spread of false news, the Apple store and google play have rejected apps related to Coronavirus, so you cannot find any apps related to Coronavirus in the above app stores.

A Coronavirus App Download from 9Apps

There will be some Coronavirus related apps on 9Apps, but this is a very serious matter, so our editor will not recommend other apps for you at will. After careful selection and comparison, we found that the app named Corona Scan is more accurate (but not updated in time).

If you urgently need information about Coronavirus, you can download this Corona Scan to understand.

Corona Scan

Corona Scan shows you news and maps about Coronavirus and the number of people diagnosed. You need to click here to download and install, you can get the relevant data of Coronavirus (including global data and Indian data).

News of Coronavirus on Corona Scan

map of Coronavirus on Corona Scan


Coronavirus in india live(latest)

In addition to the app, we also found a real-time updated Coronavirus map and data, you can view relevant information in time on our page. It is recommended that you bookmark this page, you can come in and view the latest data at any time!


if you can't open the map, follow this link:

In addition, 9Apps will produce a special webpage related to Coronavirus. We will make this page as soon as possible and provide you with the latest Coronavirus information service this morning.

9Apps hope every 9Apps fan to be vigilant against Coronavirus.

Please take care of yourself and try to achieve the following 5:

1.Wear a mask

2.Maintain social distancing

3.Wash your hands frequently

4.Practice respiratory hygiene

5.Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth

if you have fever, seek medical care early

9Apps wishes you and your family and friends good health!