5 Apps to Help You Get a Dream Job!

9Apps | Feb 21, 2020

Worried you ’ll never find your dream job? Improve your professional skills, improve your resume, and your dream job is within reach!

9Apps recommends 5 apps for you to help you find your favorite job.


1.Indeed Job Search


First you need to download a job search software. Indeed is the most suitable. This is the world's number one job search site. More than 200 million job seekers use Indeed every month. You can find more than 60 by searching on it. The country has 28 languages ​​and more than 16 million jobs.

Full-time, part-time, contract, freelance, internship positions ... all positions are available, download one and try it out!


2.Must-Have Apps for Being a Sous Chef - Anova Culinary

How to become a chef quickly?

You need this precision cooking app Anova Culinary. This application is a companion application based on Anova Precision Cooker Bluetooth and WI-FI models. Everything you need to cook with Anova is incredibly easy. All you have to do is find the food you want to cook, adjust the settings you want, and press START.

What is precision cooking?

You just need the following three simple steps:

1. Connect Anova Precision Cooker to the pot and set the time and temperature using the app or device interface. Using the application, simply find what you want to cook and click "Start".

2. Put the food in a ziplock bag and clamp it on the side of the pot. The circulator moves the water around the pot to ensure a constant temperature throughout the process.

3. Finish with quick roasting or baking, or even place it on the grill for a delicious crispy look.


3.Must-Have Apps for Aspiring Blog Writers - Flipboard: News For Any Topic

If you want to be a great blog writer, then this app may help you!

Flipboard organizes stories from around the world, so you get the best news for all your favorites.

From photography to productivity, travel to technology, fashion to food, you'll find what interests you most.

You just need to download the app, choose your hobby, and Flipboard creates a smart magazine for everyone. Smart Magazines automatically populates articles from Flipboard, blending expert voices, curated sources and recommended stories to create a beautiful, easy way to follow all the news you are interested in and passionate about.

You can also make custom magazines. Create a personal or group magazine where you can add all your favorite stories, or make a custom smart magazine to include the best content from any source, character, publication, or even tag.

When you find someone who shares your passion, follow them on Flipboard to learn more about what they like or share. All your comments, shares and likes make Flipboard better for everyone.

In India, you can choose Hindi as the main language, which is very convenient, isn't it?



4. Must-Have Apps for Starting a Photography Business - Foap - sell your photos


You have a lot of beautiful photos, how do you exchange them for money? Try Foap!

Turn your photos into money! Upload your photo collection and sell it to well-known brands around the world.

* Sell your photos through Foap Market on Foap.com

* Sell photos via Foap Missions to brands such as Nivea, Bank of America, Volvo Group, Absolut Vodka, Air Aisa and Pepsi

* Foap also distributes your content through partners such as Getty Images to help you sell more photos!

* Create your own web portfolio for buyers to view your photos

* Browse beautiful photos from all over the world

* Get feedback on your photos from other Foapers

* Become part of a stunning and growing international photographer community

* Upload photos directly from your phone

* Enjoy unlimited uploads

* Easily cash out via PayPal integration

* Via your favorite

Foap's best way to make money is free! And, for every photo you sell, you get 50% commission. Each mission will receive a bonus starting at $ 50.


5. Sanvello for Stress & Anxiety

If you don't find a job in a short time, don't stress yourself too much.

Stress, anxiety, and depression can hinder your life. Pacifica provides you with tools designed by psychologists that can solve these problems based on cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness meditation, relaxation and emotional / health tracking.

Stress, anxiety, and depression are caused by a continuous cycle of negative thoughts. Thought causes physical sensations and emotions, which leads to action. Pacifica uses tools for each component to help break this cycle. Every day, you will learn to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression at your own pace. We have nothing to do with quick solutions or false promises. One day at a time, we are about to make real progress.

Learn to relieve your stress so that you have a better status to get the job you want!