Tinder Lite - More Than A Dating App

9Apps | Feb 11, 2020

Download 'Tinder Lite' app where you can search for the woman or man of your dreams. Who knows, you might even fall in love.

Tinder Lite, More than a dating app!

Tinder is a popular online dating application. Its functional mechanism is actually very simple: based on your geographical location, Tinder "recommends" four objects within a certain distance for you every day. Give ratings based on your number of friends, common interests, and relationships on Facebook. The highest-scoring recommendations are shown first. This can increase the match rate and reduce the chance of users being rejected. You can browse photos of recommended people and select the ones you like. If the recommendation object you like happens to like you too, then you have successfully matched and can send messages to each other in the app.


How do I log in to Tinder?

1. Download Tinder at the top of the page, or search for Tinder to download after installing 9Apps.

2. Login with Facebook

Tinder needs a profile on Facebook to create an account. Make sure that the Facebook information you provide is correct so that Tinder can get the correct information and recommend friends based on your preferences. Tinder will connect your friends with you based on your positioning.

tips: You must have the latest version of the Facebook app installed on your device to use Tinder.

3. Improve and update your Facebook profile.

Given that Tinder gets data from your Facebook, you'd better update your Facebook basic information and avatar.

Tinder also gets information about your age, location, basic description, friends, and interests via Facebook.

If your age is hidden in your Facebook profile, your age will not be shown in your Tinder profile.

If you want to use the photos in your Facebook account, then you need to make sure the photos are visible to your friends.


How to get more match on Tinder?

1. Choose good-looking photos.

Your photo will determine your first impression with other Tinder users, so you should associate 2-3 photos that you think are good with your account or use them as avatars. Also make sure your photos are not blurred, otherwise it will affect others' perception of you.

It is best not to use your photo of the same sex, as this will leave a bad impression on users who view your profile.

It's best to upload a few more photos from different angles.

Upload photos that highlight your interests, such as photos of your hiking trips or photos of you by the sea.

Uploading a photo of you with your pet may leave a better impression on others, especially a photo with a cute puppy will give you a lot of points! [1]

Smiling nature photos will be popular!


2. Edit your Tinder information.

Click Edit in the upper right corner of the application. You can edit your photos, basic descriptions, slogans and more on the following pages.

It's best to keep your information simple and clear.

If you can't think of a good description, then you don't need to fill in the information. Most people just look at the photos and don't pay too much attention to the information.

Be sure to edit your gender and sexual orientation, as well as your location.

3.save your changes

Click Done, and you can start matching friends.


How to find the person you are interested in on Tinder?

Open the settings menu:

1. For better and more accurate matching, you need to enter your gender.

2. Define your distance options. Set the distance range that the application searches for matching objects for you. If you don't know how to choose the range, then set the distance option to the maximum range.

You must have GPS on your device to use Tinder.

3. Set your preferred age range. Enter your preferred minimum age and maximum age, which sets the age range you want to look for as the other half.

4. Set your sexual orientation. You can set sexual orientation based on whether you like men, women, or both.

5. Switch notification settings. According to your habits, turn on or off the notification push function of the app on your phone. With notifications turned on, you will be notified or messaged after a successful match.

6. Wait for the match to succeed. If the person you like happens to like you too, then you have successfully matched! Tinder will send you a notification at this time, telling you that you can send messages to each other.


Finally ... have fun!

Be yourself and stay positive in the process of communication. Don't post scary and rude content, even the software itself will block some related content. You should always remember that the people who use this app to communicate with you are also real people.

Don't wait too long to ask for a date. If you have been chatting for a while, then you can act. You know, they may also be chatting with others, and you definitely don't want to miss the chance to date someone else.


Valentine's Day is coming. Until then, find someone to spend Valentine's Day with you!