7 Magical Apps to HelpYou Say Goodbye to Insomnia

9Apps | Jan 3, 2020

A lonely heart needs company. You need to relax for insomnia.

Is the city too busy or too stressed? When you have unsolvable problems in your heart, your sleep problems will occur.

You will find that it is easier to fall asleep in the rainy night than to listen to the song.

The sound of rain is one of the types of white noise.

Whether you are familiar or unfamiliar with the field of "white noise", it is worth exploring.

◆ What is white noise

Here we only say that the white noise we are exposed to is mainly simulated natural sounds such as rain, wind, birdsong, or human voices in a cafe.

Just like the sound of rain at night, which makes it easy for people to fall asleep, these sounds are also very easy to let us relax and enter sleep.

Today, our recommended apps focus on simulating sounds from various scenes such as nature to promote sleep.

These 7 insomniacs most needed Apps can help you relax your mood, help sleep meditation at night, it is a good medicine to treat insomnia.


1. Sleep Sounds Free - Relax & Sleep

Studies have shown that even when you fall asleep, you can still feel the sound in your brain. As a result, disturbing sounds such as car horns can wake you up. The free "Sound of Sleep" quiets your brain and eliminates unwanted noise. Not only can it help you fall asleep, it can also help you stay asleep.

Free sleep sounds can help you reduce insomnia and fall asleep easily, relieve and relieve stress and anxiety, stop destructive sounds, and maintain uninterrupted sleep.

There are more than 30 kinds of relaxing sounds (white noise) for you to choose, meditation music and surrounding sleep sounds, you can customize your own soundscape:

-The sound of nature (birds, holes, fire, wind, snow, river, etc.)

-Sound of water (rain, storm, waves, etc.)

-Soothing white noise when sleeping


2. Free Hypnosis

Joseph Clough's free hypnosis therapy has helped many insomniacs. With over 200 (more than 100 hours!) Free hypnosis and self-service audio!

"I have suffered many personal injuries and chronic pain since I was injured while in a police position. I also have chronic PTSD. When many doctors gave up, I started looking for hypnosis. I met Joseph Clough. ), Now I use his self-hypnosis products, these products help me improve my standard of living. His products are manufactured to a high standard, and his technology will help you achieve your decision to set goals, whether it is personal development or living Work in a certain area to improve the quality of life. By downloading the Free Hypnosis App and starting to improve the area of ​​life you want, you can save a lot of time without having to check other products online and in this app market Poor). "-Dr. Nick Castle


3. Pzizz - Deep Sleep & Power Nap

Pzizz provides sleep at the push of a button! Leveraging psychoacoustic science, the app's patented algorithm can play a sleep-optimized combination of music, dubbing, and sound effects to make your mind quiet quickly, let you fall asleep, stay asleep, and refresh you .

If you want to sleep better at night or take a nap during the day, this is the app for you. All you have to do is listen to Pzizz. Headphones / earbuds are recommended for best results, but the built-in phone speakers can also be used.

Why is PZIZZ so good?

* Press the button to enter sleep state. Unlike other sleep solutions, you don't need to change behavior, keep a sleep diary, or restrict activity. Just listen to Pzizz and enjoy an incredible sleep.

* Our only side effect is sleep! Unlike drugs or supplements, you don't need to worry about side effects.

*Variety. Every time you click "Start", Pzizz creates a slightly different session for you to enjoy. This ensures that your brain doesn't get tired from hearing the same content over and over, and helps ensure that the effect continues to improve over time.

* Highly customizable. Adjust sleep time, volume, turn voice on or off, or add 3D effects for a completely personalized listening experience.

4. White Noise: Sleep Sounds



-heavy rain,

-Night sound,

-Ocean waves,



-Waterfall sound,

-Wind noise,

-White Noise,

-Pink noise,

-Brown noise.

White Noise: Sleep Sounds has 30 relaxing sounds with white noise to help you fall asleep by blocking distracting sounds. The timer system that fades out the sound gradually and automatically pauses the sound when an incoming call is made, which can be played without traffic transmission, bringing you natural white noise to relax the sound.


5. Sleep Yoga & Meditation Music

Are you looking for easy instrumental music? Sleep music lullaby and "relaxation music to relieve sleep stress and anxiety" can help you relax and enjoy a moment.

If you've been busy and don't have time to relax, put on headphones, enjoy the most wonderful soft music, and relax!

If you are looking for the best natural sounds for deep sleep and relaxation, then you have come to the right place. "The Voice of Nature" relaxes and sleeps, waiting for someone as busy as you.

If you are a working mom or dad, we will provide you with the perfect "baby sleep music". The relaxing sound makes your child fall asleep immediately.

The sounds of nature, the sound of sleep and the sound of relaxation are especially suitable for you and your family!

6. SleepTown

Build your castle while sleeping!

Do you often stay up all night scrolling on your phone? Press the snooze button until you are late? If you can't put your phone down when you go to bed, or if you have insomnia and want a healthy, regular sleep schedule, it can be difficult.

SleepTown is your best solution.

How it works: 3 steps to a healthy sleep plan

1) Set your own challenging bedtime and wakeup goals.

2) Open the SleepTown app before going to bed and start building buildings.

3) Wake up before you wake up, shake your phone to clear your mind, and see which building you get. Every morning, this building is amazing and it will inspire you to wake up!

SleepTown can help you:

• Eliminate phone addiction and get more sleep

• Maintain a regular sleep time of 4-10 hours per day

• By reaching bedtime and wake goals

Come and build amazing buildings • Wake up your energy every day-new construction!

• View your "SleepTown" and all sleep statistics on the town page

• Night shift mode helps reduce blue light


7. Tide - Sleep Sounds, Focus Timer, Relax Meditate

Who is this product for?

-Anyone suffering from sleep problems.

-People with procrastination who have difficulty concentrating.

-Creative workers often disturbed by noisy environments.

-Highly stressed people who have been in a state of anxiety for a long time.

-Meditation practitioners who want peace of mind and body.

-Anyone who wants a better life.


1. Nature Sounds —— Be calm and mindful with nature

- Well-selected sounds of nature, bring you to various time and spaces.

- Innovative music fusion function, enjoying your favorite music in nature.

- Focus, sleep, relax and meditation, huge sounds collection for these needs.

2. Sleep and Nap —— Fall asleep with the sounds of nature

- Numbers of sleeping nature sounds, have a sweet dream with Tide.

- Sleep and Nap modes, recover nap in daytime, good sleep at night.

- Soothing light-waking up function, leaving the bed has never been that easy.

- Selected comfort alarm tunes, open the eyes in a wonderful world.

3. Focus timer —— Start an immersive concentration

- High-efficiency work mode. Based on the Pomodoro Technique, 25 minutes focusing, 5 minutes quick break.

- Report of focus history. Review your performance.

- Customer timer. Set timers for different situations.

- Immersive mode supported. Leaving the app will interrupt the on-going focus.

4. Relax Meditation —— A pause button for your brain

- Mini Meditation, take a break, anytime and anywhere.

- Themed Mediation, targeting various life scenes, simple and effective.

- Immersive Space, complete and intact, a calm and stable world.