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9Apps | Feb 26, 2020

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In the world of the Internet, no one is an island. If you start looking for someone like yoursel,

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Why use Aajachat?

If you like learning and want to find friends who learn together on whatsapp, then you need to find relevant groups before you can enter.

If you want to work part-time while studying, or pay too little, you must think of more ways to make money. Then you need Aajachat.

Love music, technology, and cricket! Yes, you need to discuss these interesting things online in real time, so Aajachat can help you find the same groups as your hobbies.


Most importantly, you can also find your true love here!

Join the Dating group with your heart. Maybe you will meet someone you like. You need to take the initiative, find her and date her!

Aajachat is such a software that provides you with all kinds of group information you like.



India's most popular WhatsApp group APP,100,000+ Dating&Girl,Education, EarnMoney,HD Movie,Game,Music,Jobs❤, Techs, Cricket, Entertainment and other Groups available to Join.


Aajachat's Features

1.Dating with a girl

2.HD movie resources

3.Free groups to Join 100+ New Group Information everyday

4.Join Groups that tells you how to earn money

5.Groups with Social Community

6.Explore your area of interest

7.Share with your friends

8.Enhance your technical skills others

9.Create and JOIN groups. Its easy and free.


With this app, you can connect with thousands of Dating&Girl、Education, EarnMoney and other Groups to explore your area of your interest and take advantage from others. 


Groups are filtered by categories so its easy for everyone to find appropriate group as per user interest

Aajachat helps you filter information more easily, save your time, and find what you want faster!

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