A Glimpse on World Culture

9Apps | Jan 15, 2020

Do you want to travel the wonderful world? These 4 apps let you know what's happening in the world without leaving your home. History, geography, art, travel ... everything you are interested in is here!


General Knowledge Quiz App: Learn and Practice

This is an app that guides you into the world of knowledge. You can enhance your knowledge by answering questions in the form of games. GK has many problems in different fields, where you can easily develop the ability to observe various events. Take the test freely and find important events in your life!


DailyArt - Your Daily Dose of Art

Are you wondering why Van Gogh cut his ears? Who is that lady in Picasso's portrait? How did Jackson Pollock create his paintings?

Open DailyArt-Your Daily Dose of Art, join a community of more than 50,000 art lovers, receive daily inspiration from classic, modern and contemporary art masterpieces, and read short stories about them. For DailyArt, there are archives to explore and search over 1600 masterpieces, 600 artist biographies and 480 museum collections, where you can enjoy art and learn about art stories.

DailyArt is free and ad-free, a must-have app for all art lovers.


Culture Trip: Explore & Travel

Cultural Journey Travel app lets you discover interesting and interesting things nearby and around the world where you can explore the world. This is a useful travel app to advise every country in the world. Here are unique and informative views curated and written by locals, you can find the most unique restaurants, bars and taverns near you, and browse the best markets.

Culture Trip: Explore & Travel was selected by Forbes as a place to see in 2017, and it provides inspirational advice for every country in the world-helping you understand all about the area you want or want to visit culture.

Feedback from users:

"This travel app is perfect for those who are holidaying in new cities, and even discovering new places in their own town!"

"With a beautiful travel app, this is a great way to find things to do in my city. From the first time, I have learned about my city."


TruIQ History & Culture Trivia

Want free world history and cultural trivia / quizzes that don't make you want more after answering the questions? Are there any eyes that please you? Then TruIQ is a world history and cultural quiz for you, because after answering each question, you will get illustrations, drawings or photos on the subject.

In addition to history and culture, this application also has myth, science, and geography issues! There is nothing wrong with traveling around the world here!