IMO Instant Messenger Rolls out Video Calling

Keri Listings | Jun 16, 2017

It has been quite some time since the IMO instant messenger hit the market. Since then, it has become more than an aggregator for merging your multiple online messenger accounts. In truth, there has been frequent addition of new features and UI changes. But one thing it was lacking was the video calling support.

With the announcement a few months back and subsequent rolling out of the new features to the public, IMO has not only kept its promise but has ensured it continues to remain relevant in a market with stiff competition. Comprising the likes of skype, Facebook messenger, and WhatsApp.



  • Video calling for Android and iOS devices
  • Optimized chat search history
  • Whiteboard and photos

The new IMO app can be downloaded from the web. Those with already running versions on their phone could easily perform an update from Google’s android play store.

Looking at the homepage. It might look difficult to locate the video calling option at first. But this is actually a wise decision because it keeps the interface simple and the video calling completely unobtrusive.

Going through the contact list, you’d find a small video camera icon next to it. This video icon is used to initiate a video calling session with the particular contact next to it.  But IMO video calling feature only works for contacts who have the IMO app as well. Otherwise, you’re notified of an error message.

The video calling interface is simple and efficient yet. You can relegate a video call to the background when you wise. Simply navigate away from the app or initiate a chat. If you are in a video calling session, you can easily toggle between audio chat and video messages by using the icons available at the bottom.

And more features! Video calling isn’t just the only new functionality the guys at IMO decided to make like better for its growing fan base. There have also decided to spoil us with the whiteboard and photos. The whiteboard just like any other you’d use to sketch that brilliant new idea of yours. While the photos sync options enable you to share photos with your friends who have the IMO app installed on their devices as well. The IMO photo uploader comes with a free 2 GB storage space.