• #1.Battery - DU Battery Saver - If it allow us to see how long we charge our phone and how many times we charge per day it will be better.
  • #2.Battery - DU Battery Saver - I love the new update on the lock screen it optimizes the apps and saves your battery without you having to do it all the time to check it thumbs up on the new update
  • #3.Battery - DU Battery Saver - I'm giving It 4 stars because, honestly, nothing changed in the charging, but my phone has been nicer.
  • #4.Battery - DU Battery Saver - What a power only for free I can't believe this but I really like it WOW battery anyway somebody download this app it will be very useful my name is sanjay dev
  • #5.Battery - DU Battery Saver - This app make my phone hot u0026amp; suck out the baterry so fast. When i uninstall this app it cool down drastically u0026amp; my baterry last longer. What's wrong with your app?
  • #6.Battery - DU Battery Saver - This app is awsome it solves all my problems this app is cool makers of this app you have done great
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