• #1.Angry Birds Rio - Way too many gadgets and gizmos, coincollecting, power ups, etc. If you just want a simple game to pass time, this isn't it.
  • #2.Angry Birds Rio - Enjoy the game but annoyed that this was was suppose to be ad free and it is full of ads and more annoying in how they are displayed.
  • #3.Angry Birds Rio - Be better if ads stop popping up on right corner from in middle of the game not letting me what I'm doing
  • #4.Angry Birds Rio - Ha ha ha killing those monkey was so much fun!!! I love that game please like this game people!!!!!!
  • #5.Angry Birds Rio - download the update and now the game freezes and if I uninstalled my game I'll lose everything I don't want to do that that sucks I can't finish my game was 4stars now it's a 2
  • #6.Angry Birds Rio - Love the new level! Lots of new animation and you really have to think in order to get your 3 stars or your feathers. Fun!! (like always) and I love the new graphics.
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