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  • #1.Angry Birds Friends - I really enjoy and have fun improving my aim u0026amp; score. Very addictive! Its the one game I stay with.
  • #2.Angry Birds Friends - Had bought some coins to upgrade my slingshot, however when I later decided to use the Facebook feature as well my new slingshot disappeared.
  • #3.Angry Birds Friends - I've always love playing but lately all it does is freeze up every time I play. Either it won't even load or I'll go to spend the wheel and it never stops spending :(
  • #4.Angry Birds Friends - Would give this game 5 stars love it. But when I am in arena going to win or get extra card to win. Game shuts down and goes to my home screen. Lost money on this. Lost gems, lives, and power up birds. No support team to contact. Too bad really like it. Not going to keep losing money. Going to un install if it keeps up. Not going to spend any more money.
  • #5.Angry Birds Friends - The game developers and the researchers just go to great lengths to have each level, each try different. Each bird you fling delivers a different force and angle yielding a different result. It's amazing
  • #6.Angry Birds Friends - The wheel is not good now doesn't give the the option to disguard a power up. You never win the coins so can't accumulate coins to buy better power ups or the package power ups its a rip off. Expecting us to pay for coins to buy power ups. Disgusting. Not as enjoyable to play now. Might un stall the anhry birds
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