• #1.AppLock - It's totally useless to me. All the apps that I've "locked" have remained open. This app is just occupying space on my phone for no just reason.
  • #2.AppLock - I have been saved my pix to volut but it can't again move to gallery and can't share wid others and my all pix are deleted how i can recover my all pix plzz reply me
  • #3.AppLock - Turned my phone off to charge. Turned it back on and must have hit icon to open file I have protected with app lock. The file opened and I saw my passwords. Apparently app lock takes a few seconds to engage and in those few unprotected seconds, my file was viewable. Not what I was expecting.
  • #4.AppLock - I accidentally uninstall my app but now I wanted to recover my pic which I have vault. . . .can any one plz help me
  • #5.AppLock - Such a worest app i lost my all photoes and videos ..when i open app lock there is no vid or photo i got shock.. where they go tell me
  • #6.AppLock - The app is really Gud and awesome but when I accidentally reset my phone the app got uninstalled now I've reinstalled the app but how do i recover my private n family photos back from applock please help
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