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  • #1.Auto Call Recorder - I m not satisfied as it does not record all calls...i updated it; even frequently restart my phone for refresh but still it records first call after restart...after that it can not record or record a few. Incoming calls are recorded rarely by it although i set all calls for recording in settings. M using samsung on7. Suggest solution or i should download d other app???
  • #2.Auto Call Recorder - A recent update shows total recording time of a call as 00:00 . Please test it and debug the error.
  • #3.Auto Call Recorder - Audio source keeps chnging to Mic only. The device is same, just have been updated to Android 6.0.1
  • #4.Auto Call Recorder - In the conversation the other person volume is very low and not able to here properly when we play.
  • #5.Auto Call Recorder - I rate this app at 4.0 (out of 5.0) only because there seems to be no strategy for recovering deleted recordings. Nor is there a setting enabling *automatic* upload of each recording synchronously to Google drive, Drop Box, etc. Other than these faults, the interface is well designed--aesthetic and easy to use. The application works consistently and with high fidelity on my Galaxy S6.
  • #6.Auto Call Recorder - App is working OK but in recoded file my voice is fine but voice of other party is very poor almost not audible.. One plus one
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