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  • #1.Auto Call Recorder - Worked great on my Galaxy S4. Just upgraded to Galaxy S7 and it only records my side of the conversation. No point in keeping it if I can't listen back to the other side.
  • #2.Auto Call Recorder - Sometimes the incoming person has too much db gain. to the point where the quality suffers... It's like incoming person is speaking too closely to mic. How to fix? Saves calls. Starts by itself. Keeps last 20 calls. I love it
  • #3.Auto Call Recorder - This app is perfect for what I need. I've had it for approx 5 mos. It is free which is great let's you try it out but now that I've been able to test it out. Not 1 issue! I will definitely be buying the version to record more conversation. OTHER GREAT THING is I keep as a reminder of what I was supposed to do for the school or what I arranged for my bills Lol!
  • #4.Auto Call Recorder - WARNING DANGEROUS APP! Today I have found out that this app still records after you end a call! I first started to see the other day that the red pot was always on so I opened up the app and saw that the app was still recording for over 2 hours after I had ended a call plus other call logs of other calls marked and saved in this app! This is dangerous it's spyware because you forget that this app does upload to Dropbox and other cloud storage companies systems! To the makers of this app: you are out of line
  • #5.Auto Call Recorder - I fill save.... I don't think I can go with out it... Having proof of every conversation.... I mean, I can defend my self, you know what I mean... :-)
  • #6.Auto Call Recorder - Very nice app but storing only 200 recordings. Requesting u to increse it's inbox size n if inbox is full kindly give a notification that says inbox is full so we can manage accordingly. Plzzz look into it so dat it's becomes number one app
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