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Welcome to the best way to discover new and popular apps/games for beauty plus app. 800 million selfies edited by BeautyPlus? What? Find out why 300 million choose BeautyPlus to edit their selfies, pictures and videos every single month. Below you can download a list of top and exciting apps related to beauty plus app.With these amazing apps, our phone and tablet are about to become more useful than ever.
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  • #1.BeautyPlus - Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera - it must be easy to use this app ( when I was used this aap it's worked brilliantly or superbly but not worked properly here u0026amp; now ) i think older version best then updated .... I wants old version not updated version ....I say older version is outstanding ( I wanna say old is gold ) soo plzzz bring back old one........ one thing I wanna must say to the apps makers just bring back auto retouch features in this aap .so it has king features . everyone wanna like this app's
  • #2.BeautyPlus - Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera - I loved this app!All my flaws within my photos were not a problem as they werent there any more,i use this with every photo i take and u can make big differences to yourself and still look natural what is a hard thing to do with most apps.I would recommend this to anybody who wants to take the best photos (so everybody ) plus its free so u cant really loose
  • #3.BeautyPlus - Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera - suxxx... auto retouch missing... want the older version back plssss, it simple u0026amp; stret4ward
  • #4.BeautyPlus - Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera - What have you done with this.where is auto retouch option.and new effects are totally use less.previous 6 effects were much better from these 20 effects
  • #5.BeautyPlus - Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera - Its good with great tools like auto blur and auto retouch its wonderful but want more tools and images as a sticker
  • #6.BeautyPlus - Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera - Does the job as said whatever.. whoever .. anywhere.. just turn on this app and feel like celebrity
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