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  • #1.Myntra - Online Shopping App - Guyz if u keep delivery charges to high den how will the people buy huh. The pic wat u put in the frnt page is only attractive bt if we pep into really its vast nd nthng is proper. Bt Alibaba provides an very excellent shopping nd everything ull b gud in. Still yu needs improvement guyz. we r waiting more frm u guyz ok. myntra
  • #2.Myntra - Online Shopping App - Myntra is the best place for online cloth shopping, returns are easy, customer service is great. Looking forward for many more happy shoppings on myntra.
  • #3.Myntra - Online Shopping App - I echo other user's comments that we need the Myntra website back. To be frank I stopped using Myntra the moment you pulled down the website. Web gives users like us better experience than app. The reason I'm back to it now - I have a coupon to avail. So my decision is forced by the coupon :D
  • #4.Myntra - Online Shopping App - I love ths app... am totly confused wen i see several thng i like i confusesd what to bye.i even thnk if i won a lottry ticket i woul like to buy everythng i saw...
  • #5.Myntra - Online Shopping App - Though I have provided the complete address.. delivery has made to the wrong door.... I have called him up 3 to 4 times to get my order back....
  • #6.Myntra - Online Shopping App - I use it to buy my clothing and accessories. Though it is not convenient for mobile phones but for tablets user it's comfortable.
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