• #1.Talking Tom Cat - I love this thing in my grandkids love it too it's excellent for kids entertainment they love it when he talk back to him
  • #2.Talking Tom Cat - When I touch toms stomach I saw sorting in his eye I thing it was a stick I gotta go peace everyone
  • #3.Talking Tom Cat - It is best but you can add impressions will talking like angry,in love ,laughing etc please update it please
  • #4.Talking Tom Cat - Very disappointed downloaded cooking fever and played it to unlock all toms extras but it didnt work. Please fix and I will change my rating!
  • #5.Talking Tom Cat - My daughter loves this game. In fact this is a family game that we love. It makes ur voice skeaky and makes very funny copy cat motions.
  • #6.Talking Tom Cat - I can't describe how much I love this app I have loved it since I was little and every time I get the app the hole family has fun with it, I love it.
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