• #1.Clash of Clans - I can't open my other account than before i really love this game please fix it just like before that i can open 1 or more account andd i wil give u 5star
  • #2.Clash of Clans - Changed my perspective about strategy game. Hats off to supercell. To the developers out there who made the game, kneel down hats off to each one of you. Thank you for the game.
  • #3.Clash of Clans - A very good game. I want some changes. Those are: 1:wizard and wall breaker level 7, 2:witch level 4, 3:healer level 5, 4: level 9 air defences , 5: increase production rate and capacity of dark elixir drill by 100% or atleast by 50%, 6:Air sweeper and Clan Castle level 7, 7:Army camp level 9 with 10 more army spaces instead of 5., 8:more levels of elixir collector and gold mine., 9:1 more army camp.
  • #4.Clash of Clans - The new update is very messy and crashing without warning .. Have to solve it if you care for your customers
  • #5.Clash of Clans - Individual battle search is a rip off. Might as well not waste your coins. Can't find an attackable base that matches your level. Remaining troops after battle should be returned. Trophy matching system is horrible. Need to match attacks by level and town hall. Don't spend your money on this game until they fix it. Now with this new update the game crashes. They give you extra crap to cover up the fact that they can't fix the obvious problems with the company's weak servers.
  • #6.Clash of Clans - I love the game but it is starting to feel like that every time we have a upgrade we are getting screwed cause the only ones that get better troops are the high lvls so how can we protect our base when they get better troops and we get sling shots, sounds kinda unfair to me but what do I know.
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