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  • #1.Hill Climb Racing - Possible new issue: low fps on Rooftop after 2000ft on my GS4. Please fix! I can't stop playing it and I've unlocked everything. I've been playing since early on and they've added so much. Lots of variety. Every game can be nail biting or relaxing. Up to you really.
  • #2.Hill Climb Racing - I love the eletric car. to get up the hill you have to hold the gas button all the time. But if it doesn't work then keep TRYING. DON'T GIVE UP!!!
  • #3.Hill Climb Racing - When l travel l dont need net to play l love this game if want game without using enternet so install this game
  • #4.Hill Climb Racing - I love this game..can't wait till next update...I've actually deleted other games just to update this
  • #5.Hill Climb Racing - The most addicting game i hv played vd easy controls and fun challenges ! Must download for game lovers.
  • #6.Hill Climb Racing - Better than candy crush. Please make some kind of bonus fun level so you can stomp the gas and do crazy stuff. Like unlimited gas for bonus level only with non breakable necks and crazy flip ramp skip jump hop loopty loop wapbobalouwap a wobba she bang she likes jibbity jello puddin pops!
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