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  • #1.Doctor Driving - This is an fantastic game which gives me a really experience of driving. Thanks to make this game..
  • #2.Doctor Driving - It is goodu0026amp; we wonder that how we get a game in 9.9 mb! But plz, make the car rates less u0026amp; steering sensitivity controlable. Plz make the traction of the cars more
  • #3.Doctor Driving - Give some fast cars, include hard traffic so it'll be more complex. Bored playing with the same modes. It'll be more interesting and enjoyable. Please please please please !!!
  • #4.Doctor Driving - I would like to sing a song gadi jaundi ai chalanga Mardi menu had ayi mere yar di this is Pnjabi song
  • #5.Doctor Driving - It's boring if you don't play online because that's where you get the gold ! I now have a JIO but I'm on my way to a MANE which costs 500 GOLD ! If you don't play online you will only get 25-45 coins per successful mission . But if you play online you get from 45-125 COINS PER match ! Great, isn't it??!!
  • #6.Doctor Driving - I don't like it any more because its the same music and the theme never changes theres more missions ...like ONE!!! thankgod!!!! but its the same theme wich is where you drive in the city i wish there was more themes if there were then i would give it a 5 star!!!! THIS GAME NEEDS TO BE UPDATED FAST!!!!
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