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  • #1.Facebook - Why there is every time 9+ news feed... its annoying.. and why reaction sound has gone when its already sound on in settings.. not working properly like before... useless updates in every single week.. disappointed
  • #2.Facebook - I mainly use facebook to see my familys photos to watch the kiddos grow. Its fustrating when the pics never load.
  • #3.Facebook - Wish the app had better optimization for folks who use the app less frequently .Don't understand why the app needs to be running in the background even though I have turned off notifications . The only way to completely shutdown the app is to sign out completely and signing back in is quite slow . Off late updates are irritating, they fail to apply and I need to clear cache . Besides this could you make the app more lighter
  • #4.Facebook - The app itself works fine, but when it comes to updating it, it spends about five minutes 'installing', makes my phone so slow it's almost unusable, wipes the icon from the home screen, before appearing to not have updated at all. It's a pain and I dread app updates because of it.
  • #5.Facebook - STILL wants way too much personal information! ALSO NOW they made it so you have to download extra apps for messenger and it's really just not worth the time or the effort. There are many other applications that can fully replace this one and they DON'T make you have to jump through hoops to do so. It's sad because this was once a fun and great way to keep in contact.
  • #6.Facebook - Gifs won't pause when I tap on them. They used to pause and also at the bottom of gifs there's a link to the website that I also can't click on and go to anymore.
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