• #1.Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free - Listen, already know NSA and etc are listening in. But there's little on me that makes my data worth a deep dive. That said, Facebook isn't as untouchable as the government. Leak my data and feel my wrath. Also, app is slow at times.
  • #2.Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free - Abruptly closes down almost every time I'm in the middle of typing a message. You'd think that a company like Facebook would offer better quality, or at least fix a longstanding problem. But sadly, it hasn't happened. I avoid using this app.
  • #3.Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free - For me its helpful since i can text my frends for free.. Easy to use and all.. Maybe its just that it takes a lot of space instead of being part of fb... Anyway love u mark zuckerberg..
  • #4.Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free - Since I updated my messenger it begun to annoy me. When I am replying to a chat, the head chat will close, this is terrible. Now I have to uninstall and reinstall it again to see if it will work better.
  • #5.Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free - Very useful and good app, only bugged thing (for me at least) is that i cant send voice messages to friends on chat.
  • #6.Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free - Since the new Android update, messenger doesn't connect to a network whether it be wifi or mobile data. Literally can't use when it's like this because it can't connect to a network apparently. Please fix because worked extremely well before.
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