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  • #1.Firefox Browser fast & private - Firefox was great when I first installed it (about 2 yrs. ago). Since then, this app has grown steadily more unreliable and is now almost entirely unusable since last update. Pages are hard pressed to even load, and when they do, they will frequently crash after only a few minutes. Just submitted at least 9 crash reports in last hr. (LG Optimus G Pro, Samsung Tab S)
  • #2.Firefox Browser fast & private - Firefox is my go to Web browser. It's secure and blocks some unwanted sites. It is a resource hog, so be mindful of available memory. I wish it was easier to save and categories bookmarks. Unfortunately, when using the save feature, it will not open the browser, but give you a quick choice.
  • #3.Firefox Browser fast & private - android Firefox version is now no more slow on android phone, bit better then other browser. Good ui ,have options to open page later if we are on Facebook or Twitter. Oly one request they really need to improve in video streaming section. 360�� video is not supported. YouTube Streaming not very fast .
  • #4.Firefox Browser fast & private - Then the rest best privacy hassle free thank you download people excellent add ons what are you waiting 4
  • #5.Firefox Browser fast & private - Love Firefox. But you have fallen so far behind. Always slow and lag. All Android browsers suck so bad it sickens me.
  • #6.Firefox Browser fast & private - This browser simply works! Haven't had any issues with it since I installed it to my Xperia Z3. Happy user so far!!
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