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  • #1.Chess for Android - Chess as it should be, no fancy displays but a great app. No adverts, performance issues or crazy permission requests. The average chess players should know it is very hard to beat the app, even on the easiest setting. Have yet to beat it and doubt I ever will! Best chess app I've come across.
  • #2.Chess for Android - Its a lot of fun, but the computer is too smart. I have gotten better at losing but i cant ever win.
  • #3.Chess for Android - Very tactical AI so hard for beginners, but strategically weak. 5 stars if it had multiplayer.... nice game.
  • #4.Chess for Android - Aart, can you add a bit about the AI to the description? If you programmed it, you are a god. It took me u0026gt;1h to win,using many, many undos.^Desire
  • #5.Chess for Android - Nice work..random chess option would be cool...can you make the view change automatically when I choose to play as black? ...
  • #6.Chess for Android - You will never win once unless you let the computer play for you and even that has a slim chance of winning....... DO NOT INSTALL!!!!!!!!!
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