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  • #1.APUS File Manager (Explorer) - Can't share files over current Wifi, app always creates a hotspot. that was not what I expected. Great idea though.
  • #2.APUS File Manager (Explorer) - Awesome app... Very helpful one.. I needed a help. I want to set an audio as ringtone.. Can i do it using this app?
  • #3.APUS File Manager (Explorer) - definitely not the best file manager since the first man has been created on earth. UNINSTALLED IT. REFORMATTING MY PHONE FOR THAT F*CKING APP.
  • #4.APUS File Manager (Explorer) - But need more before it can replace others, compression, txt reader, editor, etc, fail to change file in extsdcard
  • #5.APUS File Manager (Explorer) - I love this!! This is even better than the others if I may add. It's really boost my mood too and I can organize my files a lot better! Thank you very much! I love it and I'm not kidding
  • #6.APUS File Manager (Explorer) - The file manger is good.. Due to their interface and functionality.. Even it can be transfer file from internal to external storage.. But draw back is that it provided only 3 limited options to share the files to another device aur other social media.whats app is also not included.
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