• #1.Flipkart Online Shopping App - There should be some control to the user, seems executing the flipkart script on behalf of flipkart.
  • #2.Flipkart Online Shopping App - Flipkart give us 100% genuine product.My first is choice Flipkart u0026amp; my last choice is Flipkart.
  • #3.Flipkart Online Shopping App - Flipkart play game u0026amp; win is cheater ... It cheater . the die will fall according to prefixed number so don't play they are just making money u0026amp; our data is stolen
  • #4.Flipkart Online Shopping App - Will i have to pay money on cancelling order.. I perfer cash on dilervery, i'll have to pay or not coz i don't want because don't want that set
  • #5.Flipkart Online Shopping App - this is the worst online shopping site i ever seen.there is no product availability in it.products got cancelled automatically wid out no reason..
  • #6.Flipkart Online Shopping App - What the hell is this ,when i won in snake and ladder game i got 99% off ,but now i not even able to open my cart ,seriously this type of response was not expected
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