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  • #1.Candy Crush Saga - Awesome game. Love it. Just don't like waiting tickets. Sometimes people send them, but have to resend cause you don't get it from them. Other than that it's great.
  • #2.Candy Crush Saga - No problems on my note the note 3.....keeps crashing. .....Please update this game
  • #3.Candy Crush Saga - Some levels are almost impossible unless you spend real money on boosts and no way to earn them like in the other games
  • #4.Candy Crush Saga - Plz do something i am in levl 350 above and suddenly my game fall in levl 1 wat i this 2nd time its happen to me do something
  • #5.Candy Crush Saga - I can spend hours playing this game, I think to myself just 1 more level and before I know it I've played all night long.
  • #6.Candy Crush Saga - Too hard. Games cheating on me every time I only need to clear one jelly I have no moves left I wish I could pass level 35 it make me so mad that one night I almost threw my phone and punch it.
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