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Welcome to the best way to discover new and popular apps/games for free hike. hike messenger is way more than just simple free messaging, voice and video calling. Below you can download a list of top and exciting apps related to free hike.With these amazing apps, our phone and tablet are about to become more useful than ever.
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  • #1.hike messenger: Stickers, Hidden Chat, Timeline - 12/4/16 Awesome, Mind Blowing, Wonderful. This is very amazing because it has many features like JUST FOR LAUGHS, NEWS, MANY PEOPLE IN GROUP , CONFRENCE CALL FOR MANY PEOPLE etc. The feature which I like the most is the GAMES BETA I like the game WORD RUSH the most............ Thanks for making such an app 13/4/16 But today I have faced a new problem in games beta that ,when yesterday I downloaded it , it had a new game solitaire game but when I updated it the game has vanished.......
  • #2.hike messenger: Stickers, Hidden Chat, Timeline - I am an Android developer, according to my understanding, its better than watsapp in some point. It provide hidden chat, hike direct, beautiful sticker, selection of image quality at the time of sending these are best features in hike.
  • #3.hike messenger: Stickers, Hidden Chat, Timeline - App is good bt it doesn't work when th app is not open. I m not getting msg frm hike when i open the app, it connects n then i get new msg. Plz fix it
  • #4.hike messenger: Stickers, Hidden Chat, Timeline - After activating hike in my new number. the option on settings (CALLER) is not found and the main problem is i have blocked a contact accidently in my old hike number and i have forget to change the hike number without unblocking the i am unable to receive call from that number ....WHAT SHOULD I DO. ?? PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM
  • #5.hike messenger: Stickers, Hidden Chat, Timeline - Poor quality of call . It need to be improved as fast as possible and impossible to download media's like short videos
  • #6.hike messenger: Stickers, Hidden Chat, Timeline - Trying to hard to beat WhatsApp, and getting close enough. Very important features are missing. When searching through a chat, and finding results, the date stamp doesn't appear. I have to scroll back all the way up to find what date the message was sent on. Also randomly lags during scrolling through old chats.
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