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Welcome to the best way to discover new and popular apps/games for free instagram android. Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the world's moments. Below you can download a list of face book and make friends apps related to free instagram android.With these different effects apps, our phone and tablet are about to become more useful than ever.
  • #1.Instagram - After the recent update, I can't login to Twitter. I keep on receiving verification pin of Twitter, but the page doesn't proceed after the login page. In addition, location doesn't work well at all
  • #2.Instagram - I dont like it this version after updates . This look like old instagram version . I love new version . But this is worst version just change instagram's icon . But inside of display so bad so very disappointed . Please, review your update! So badly . Please, change your version as soon as! Im waiting your best update . Thank you
  • #3.Instagram - Unable to change profile picture. It's been weeks and also an update.. still can't change profile picture. Absolutely ridiculous. Developers don't test their product or what? This app is now useless. UPDATE: Developers don't care, nothing has changed in over a month now.. still can't change profile photo and I've even re installed.. it's a broken app with no support
  • #4.Instagram - PLEASE ADD IT[EXAMPLE]Mr. Y doesn't want his IG but he has 1k followers so he clicks on the Donate Followers button and chooses the IG he wants to give his followers to-description is optional! When Mrs. X opens her IG she sees a Donating Followers request above her follow requests so if she wants them, she clicks on the tick, but if she doesn't, she declines the request[DETAILS]Mutual followers will stay on Mr. Y's IGMr. Y can choose the number of followers he wants to give awayIf Mr. Y has 1k followers and 100 of his followers are the same as Mrs. X's, and he decides to give 800 followers, the amount will be chosen out of the non-mutual followersMr. Y can give his followers away as many times as he wants with no limitationIf Mr. Z wants the 200 followers left on Mr. Y's IG, he can ask for followers via sending Mr. Y, an Asking for Followers request-with or without descriptionThe donation can be undone till one week, by Mr. Y and without Mrs. X's permissionMr. Y or Mr. Z can unsend their requests any time they want by opening the other person's IG-exactly like unsending follow request[LAST WORDS]Hope you pay attention to this IMPORTANT FEATURE and add it as soon as possible
  • #5.Instagram - You really need to fix this!! My account likes to logged off by itself and when i want to enter it again it said that my password is wrong.This isn't the first time. I don't think other has hacked mine,this must be the app's fault.
  • #6.Instagram - I see lot of negative comments since then, yet your just like robots. The app is good but somehow we also need a response from you here.
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