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  • #1.Hay Day - Hello HD! I'm one of million ppl who love this game so much, ehm.. jst cut to the topic. About farm group or clan, i made my own clan and i need more members and sadly even im doing derby and have 2 gold trophies no one knows or join my clan, i need more members so i can doing derby more efficient on the next event. I know im not the only one who feel this struggle.. so, can u pls put like Clan Promote or Ads something like that, so we can LOVE this game MORE?? Thankss!
  • #2.Hay Day - This farm game always offers a plethora to do. While in-game purchases do make the game EASIER it is not necessary to purchase in order to level or complete tasks. You just have to work harder and network with friends, followers and your neighborhood. IT IS A GAME TO BE ENJOYED BY ALL AGES without worry of totally unnecessary adult content.
  • #3.Hay Day - I love this game its one of my favs if you like to zoom in and out and you like to use your fingers to rotate and you like farm games I recommend you get this app
  • #4.Hay Day - What happened with the game I been using on my Lenovo table for the last 2 year but I restated my tablet and now I have a warning that is not compatible with my tablet, can somebody help me plz.
  • #5.Hay Day - When I am level 5, it is very boring but now I am level 46 it is so fun and I can't stop playing. When I unlock the neighborhood and join other people hood and we chat the whole day I have be came their friends and they let me to be a Co-Leader so this is how I know them and they are very friendly. I wish that those people did not play before can go and try to play.
  • #6.Hay Day - stop adding stuff .. id (like Most) would like get RID of stuff .. like SELL decorations n stuff *_ ok THATS IT! so either it freezes or it doesn't giv me my Credit for doing tasks . im loooooosing . like WtH man
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